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How to keep control of your grand design

We’ve all watched Grand Designs where it seems that every episode the time involved to build the home was greatly underestimated – and the budget almost always blows out! So how can you control building timeframes and, most importantly, the budget?

There are many techniques to ensure your new house is built on time and to budget. We’ve compiled a series of recommendations which are a great way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Keep a constant eye on the budget

This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how quickly costs can escalate when left unchecked. A 10 per cent budget overspend is far easier to correct or reign in than a 50 per cent blow out. Being constantly vigilant regarding how and when your money is being spent will help ensure your new home build stays on target. What may seem like small changes at the time, for example choosing those beautiful marble mosaic tiles you’ve been dreaming of for your bathroom can quickly add up!

Use up to date forecasts for materials

Building a complete home means relying on different sources for materials and sometimes those sources have delays. Building with Trident Homes means all those resource and planning decisions are taken care of, usually by the same team. Building is also not just about material resources, but people resources too. They key to effective management of the build team is to make sure your project manager reviews the number of people on the site and also the number of people that are going to be needed on the site. Keeping on top of this allows your build to fully utilise the available resources.

When you build your new home with Trident Homes it’s not a case of ‘one less problem to worry about’, with Trident Homes on the job you don’t have problems in the first place.

Keep everyone informed

If the project team is informed about the budget and the timeline details then they will be able to work with your build, rather than against it. A fully informed team will be able to buy into your dream home and help bring it into reality for you.

Take control of scope

When you start adding items that were not on the original plan, the scope of the build and consequently the price is going to rise. If you absolutely have to make a change, then a good project manager is worth their weight in gold. When unplanned work pops up, those extra billable hours can severely affect your budget.  Any changes need to be fully documented to ensure your home is built as close to budget as possible and within your expected timeline.

Best of all, when you build your new home with Trident Homes, you get access to the many years of collective building experience of our designers, project managers, builders, sales representatives, in fact the whole Trident Homes team!

Be sure to check out our range of home designs and get in touch with our team today for a build that comes in on time and to budget when considering your next build.